As wagon driver

(Wagon Driver, Xena eps 1 & 18)


'Xena' TOPPS comics, author

Graphic and comics artist


Druid leader and Eco-warrior


Outside hotel

It's potentially for sale - make us an offer!

Some of the attendees and guests, Sunday afternoon

Courtesy of David Lewis

The one in the middle isn't me!

Tai Chi sword form on left; disco dancing on right!

Courtesy of David Lewis

Sword form

Ben Milton, of the Bristol school of Tai Chi

Courtesy of David Lewis

Exclusive artwork

Drawn and painted by LEAH ROSENTHAL exclusively for the 2004 convention

Copyright owned by Kumara conventions and Leah

A wagon driver meets a king

Wally Green and King Arthur

Courtesy of David Lewis

'Xena' plus two guests

Ian Edginton, Philippa & Mike Collins

Courtesy of David Lewis

In his robes & crown

King Arthur Uther Pendragon

These next shots courtesy of Simon Bailey

And I put it over *here*...

Ian Edginton

During his talk

Wally Green, sans beard

No, I hadn't been drinking..much

Philippa can't remember what the joke was now

In honour of..

See if you can figure this one out yourselves

This is Carenza's photo of our display

And a right and a left..

I think this was Wally and I

attempting 'Tragedy' by Steps

Wally, mid-haka. Translation from friendly Maori welcome!

Now, where are the sweeties...

Philippa, Ian, Mike and cardboard Herc

Feel free to add your own subtitle to this...

Group hug!

Or; look what I won in the raffle!

More hugs!

Carenza and Mike

Tai Chi sword form

About a third of the way through the form


Half way through a move

Wally shows his moves and his All Black jumper

These next pictures from Carenza


Either that, or 'Love Mussel' has left it's mark again..


And just a sprinkle of nutmeg...

My fringe has gone again..

Just before we did the sword form

How much should we charge per copy do you think?

No, he's not asleep!

During the disco

Don't ask...